Dreaming with Daisy

David Pereira & Rachel Scott

David Pereira

David Pereira - Cello Works

Other Recordings​

Johann Sebastian Bach – The Cello Suites

David Pereira, cellos.

TP144 (2000)

Blue Silence – Australian Music for Cello and Piano

David Pereira, cello and Timothy Young, piano.

TP222 (2013)

Jamaican Rumba – Chamber Music by Arthur Benjamin

Tall Poppies Ensemble.

TP134 (2000)

Anne Boyd – Crossing a Bridge of Dreams

Tall Poppies Ensemble.

P127 (2000)

Only Cello

David Pereira, cello.

TP017 (1992)

Dreaming with Daisy

David Pereira and Rachel Scott (cellos)

Diverse cello duos - Bach in the dark (2016)

Electric Cello

David Pereira, cello.

TP180 (2005)

Evocations: The Poet

David Pereira, cello; David Bollard, piano.

TP010 (1992)

Red Earth

Tall Poppies Ensemble.

TP133 (2004)

A Garden of Earthly Delights

Australian Youth Orchestra; David Nuttall, oboe; Ian Munro, piano; David Pereira, cello.

TP113 (1997)

Rautavaara Cello Music

David Pereira, cello; Ian Munro, piano; Bonnie Smart, cello.

TP156 (2002)

Prokofiev & Carter

David Pereira, cello; Lisa Moore, piano.

TP032 (1994)


Geoffrey Collins, flutes; David Miller, piano; David Pereira, cello.

TP069 (1995)


David Pereira, cello.

TP096 (2001)


Australia Ensemble with David Pereira, cello and Jennifer Bates, soprano.

TP011 (1992)

Peter Sculthorpe – Music for Cello

David Pereira, cello; Ian Munro, piano.

TP136 (2002)

Sandra France – Fluctuating States of Calm

Sydney Symphony Orchestra; Kate Bowan, piano; Barbara Gilby, violin; David Pereira, cello; Clarity Quartet; Max Holtzner, violin; Katherine Owen, violin; Pal Eder, violin; Gary France, marimba; Virginia Taylor, flute; Nicole Canham, clarinet; Charlotte Winslade, cello; Lawrence University Wind Ensemble.

TP177 (2005)

Elena Kats-Chernin – Chamber of Horrors

The Four Basses: Kees Boersma, Damien Eckerlsey, Alex Henery, Kirsty McCahon; Alice Giles, blue harp; Patricia Pollett, viola & piano; David Pereira, cello; Perihelion; Tall Poppies Ensemble.

TP181 (2006)

Nigel Westlake – Antarctica

David Pereira, cello; Dene Olding, violin; Timothy Kain, guitar; Christine Douglas, soprano. The orchestra is conducted by composer Carl Vine.

TP012 (1992)

Nigel Westlake – Onomatopoeia

Nigel Westlake, bass clarinet and soprano saxophone; Michael Askill, marimba; Australia Ensemble; Tall Poppies Ensemble; Synergy Percussion; Attaca; Greg Sheehan, percussion.

TP047 (1994)

Carl Vine – Inner World

David Pereira, cello.

TP101 (1996)

Carl Vine – Chamber Music Vol 1

Michael Kieran Harvey, piano; Simone de Haan, trombone; Australia Ensemble; Flederman; David Hewitt, percussion.

TP013 (1992)

Carl Vine – Chamber Music Vol 2

Michael Kieran Harvey, piano; Geoffrey Collins, flute; David Miller, piano; Tall Poppies Quartet; Ian Munro, piano; David Pereira, cello.

TP120 (2000)

The Wild Russians

David Pereira, cello; Lisa Moore, piano.

TP018 (1992)

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