David Pereira

David Pereira is one of Australia’s most accomplished cellists. Widely experienced, he continues to evolve as a player, teacher, composer and writer. His playing aims for perfect listening and emotional responsiveness, uncompromised by thought or technical limitation.

Yoga and Cello

David’s intensive yoga practice started in early 2011. It has helped to refine the postural aspects of his cello technique. As a result of this David’s playing posture now is notable for its thorough straightness, balance and health. He considers that such a way of playing cello is not the norm that it deserves to be. Meanwhile, his confidence has increased that the necessary expressiveness of his playing only benefits from this greater postural discipline.

Blog – Cleverly Played Cello 

Cleverly Played Cello was to be the literal version of David’s cello teaching, to aid students in their studies.  Now it seeks to fulfil a second purpose: to get those teachings available to the international cello community so that they might be peer- and consumer-reviewed. The blog aims to be just as useful in its discussion of how one might make music,  as of how one might play the cello naturally and cleverly.

Listen to Black Mountain Views

This work was composed by David Pereira in collaboration with artist Micky Allan for the exhibition Collaborations: Artists and Musicians, curated by Merryn Gates. The work is in four movements: Early, Sun, Storm and Late, and is listed in the Australian Music Examinations Board syllabus at A. Mus. A. level. Approximate duration: 13′.  Order score.

Listen to Black Mountain Views 1: Early

Listen to Black Mountain Views III: Storm

Listen to The Swan

Listen to The Swan by Camille Saint-Saëns, performed by David Pereira (cello) and Anna Johnstone (piano).